Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Boys & Their Bikes

I guess since the four pictured above are now five and Elijah is no longer the squishy faced baby it might be time to update our blog. All in due time, but not today.

Big news in the life of Elijah Ryan: he is riding a two wheal pedal bike at two and a half years old.

We were at the park yesterday and he asked Jude if he could ride his bike. Jude said yes and then he asked me. Well, when my boys choose to share I go with it almost every time. Elijah hopped on the bike and with Bennett bouncing on my hip, I grabbed onto Elijah's shirt and pushed him off. And really, truly off he went. I think it took three tries before he was off and pedaling. The grin on his face was priceless and both Jude and I caught the fever. Jude was so encouraging to Elijah and it was a very sweet time for me and my three adventurous boys.

This is a clip from the next day since I wasn't prepared with a camera for the "first time riding a two wheeler" photo opportunity.

Not to leave Jude out, two weeks ago his Dad (aka Father of the Year) took him on a Daddy Date to the skate park for the first time. Here is a short clip of one of his runs.

Then there is Bennett. He is riding a bike now too! Not true. But he is drooling an ungodly amount with two teeth sitting just under the surface. He is full of smiles and giggles and...not sleeping through the night.

What a lot of fun it is to have boys! I am so blessed and look forward to many adventures in our future.

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Andrew said...

There would seem to be some X-games potential with Elijah. I have a feeling that Tim would have been able to ride a bike at 2.5 yrs also, had he been given the chance.